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Here’s a new week. The end of Summer. And a bit of cheerful colours from New Zealand. Specially after what happened last week.

It was one of these beautiful week-end. Paprika and I had a lie-in. After a good breakfast, we prepared a quick lunch to take away. Just half an hour drive from home and we started the walk.

Slip slop slap, we walk in the first part under the green canopy of the bush with the sound of cicadas -so loud at times.
Then the track is open air and reveals the rolling hills, so distinctive of the Wellington region.
The path keeps on climbing and gives a great view of Porirua and Wellington harbours.
We finally reach the summit and discover on the opposite side, the outline of the Marlborough Sounds. Like a painting, the coast is topped with this long white cloud and framed by the gentle hills in the foreground.

I remember that I thought at that time, there is no better place and company to enjoy a lunch…

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Day Out

Black and white landscape

It was mid-day when Paprika and I left home with a light picnic packed in the bag and a vague idea of where we were going.
On the road the traffic was busy.
And it seems everybody was outside that day.

There were girls smartly dressed, on their way to the Wellington Cup.
Men angling at the seaside.
Enthusiasts playing with their model aeroplanes in the light breeze.
Families, sunbathing and playing on the beach.
And us, like everyone else, enjoying this beautiful day.

We drove around the Pauatahanui arm of Porirua harbour.
The light was incredible, making the waters shimmer and the surrounding hills look like velvet.

We spotted a peaceful location, laid the mat and ate our lunch.
Then we walked along the sea and reached these colourful baches.
I liked the way each one is customised with little quirky details and catchy colours.

Afterwards, we went to the ancient Pā site* in Whitireia park and contemplated the great vista of Porirua harbour, Mana island and Marlborough sounds in the background.

It felt so good up there…

*Pā were built by Māori as fortified refuges for times of war, but were also secure living places and centres for learning, crafts and horticulture. They were often located on naturally defensible high points such as the ends of steep-sided ridges, coastal headlands or isolated hills but were also built on the edge of swamps and sometimes on flat land.

Source: Open Space New Zealand

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