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Sinemage Parsley Buds 1

While I was watering this morning our potted herbs, I saw these tiny buds on the parsley.
What a surprise !

Lately, all our herbs have been infested with nasty aphids.
Thyme has been totally decimated.
Purple basil has bravely survived and proved to be stronger than we thought.
And parsley, maybe the sturdiest from the three, is now on the way… to bloom !

Never Give Up, I thought. Yes, that’s the message.

Sinemage Parsley Buds 2
Sinemage Parsley buds 3

La suite en français…



Here are my birthday gifts ! Lovely aromatic plants. Paprika has been inspired by the Wellington Botanic Garden, for sure. He experienced there the very persistent smell of a repellent sage !

I was looking at these charming aromatic plants for a while… I like their smell ! And it’s so good to have fresh parsley, thyme or oregano in your meal !

I will just try to keep them alive as I have a bad reputation of a ‘plant-killer’ … I don’t remember how many plants did not survive in our apartment in Paris. We end-up with a great collection of plant pots…