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A Tea for Two ?

teapot papercut

Oh, no ! Don’t look for a delicate scented tea, nor sweet cookies to go with…

Because, it’s just about the teapot. A paper one.
Hope you enjoy it !

Shall I bring the cups, then ? 😉

Have a lovely week-end !

La suite en français…


Back to Paper

paper cut

I started a paper cut yesterday.
It’s been a long time… The last one was made last year: the Christmas tree. No, you can’t remember, I didn’t have time to post about it…

This time, the design is largely inspired by an image I’ve seen in a book lately.
I hope to share with you soon the completed piece that will give you a better idea what it is…

Today starts the French film festival in Wellington. We plan to see Korkoro and the Hedgehog. My sister M. has recommended the latter to me. Have you seen it ?

La suite en français…

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring !


Pretty blossoms are everywhere now !
Enough to be in good mood and have inspiration with all these colours popping around.
So no surprise my paper cuts celebrate the return of Spring !

I also played around the idea of letters.
That could fit in a child bedroom…

And to train my hand at more intricate cut, I used this paper with original design from Cristina Re.
Papercut seems to be my new hobby, so don’t be surprise to see some more in the near future…

La suite en français…