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Wellington on a Plate

Sinemage papercut Wellington on a plate

What do you do when there’s the Food Event of the Year in your city – Wellington- and you desperately can’t enjoy it because of this annoying thing I told you earlier ?

Well, there are alternatives…

You can craft, instead of going for a lunch downtown with a bunch of sweet and lovely girls and discover a good cuisine…

You can go on Tuesday night to a potluck dinner, prepare a Diós rétes – walnut strudel- because the theme is Hungarian cuisine and meet Mike and other kind people but ultimately feast only with your eyes when time comes to eat…

Or you can simply blog about it, just for the sake of it…

Sinemage papercut fork and knife

Have a nice week-end !

La suite en français…


Growing Curls

I really did appreciate your response on the previous post. Thank you.

A couple of weeks ago I received the book Paper Tear Fold Rip Crease Cut.
A book from a series of interesting ones we ordered and I would like to share with you.

I was really excited when it was delivered and it did not disappoint me: this book is such an inspiration.
With Richard Sweeney foreword, the book shows the work of many great artists including some I told you about before –here and here.
There’s a wide range of style, going from geometric and computerised design to finely intricate one. And I also like the chapters dedicated to fashion and furniture.
In short, I really recommend this book if you like paper and or creativity.

On a more humble side, my paper cut, based on my own profile and imaginary curls growing from within my head…

La suite en français…

Just For Fun

Sinemage Papercut fish in bird cage

Whatever you think you can do, or do believe you can do, begin it.
Action has magic, grace and power in it.

Johann Goethe

Enjoy your week-end !