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paper quilling

Tell me, do you know what paper quilling is ?

Honestly, I didn’t know until recently.

I was shopping downtown and I saw these colourful strips of paper.

Eye catching, isn’t it ? Well, I have this addiction to colours that I can’t explain…

So I checked the packaging: Paper quilling was written on it. I was puzzled, because I still didn’t know what is it made for…

As the shop had a book section, I looked for one that would hopefully mention this craft. I could finally visualise it and purchased this rainbow made of paper.

Back home, I made a quick search on Internet and stumble upon the site of talented graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya !

If you want to get the picture about paper quilling, go and visit her site ! Really, it’s amazing ! If you do love illuminated book, let’s imagine a modern version of it in 3D ! Excellent examples, full of creativity.

Even if you are not crafty, it’s just so inspiring to look at her work


Since then, I just have one idea in mind: to try my hand at it !

La suite en français…


Plaisir d’Offrir


The countdown started…

In one of the bookshop downtown, I stumbled upon gift wrap sheets from BeauMonde designed by Hanna Werning. And they look perfect for my Christmas presents.

Not really Christmas colours ?

Yes, I know and that’s why I like it ! As you know, summer starts to heat seriously the Southern hemisphere and these bright colours match much better the season than the traditional ones.

gift6Some people are under stress to organise their Christmas diner, I am for Christmas gifts. That doesn’t mean I get organised. I’m always and invariably late every year…!

Since I left home, more than I decade ago, I have to think about presents that are nor too big, nor too heavy and obviously not fragile as they will be shipped overseas… That’s a challenge, believe me.

But this year, I decided to make it simple. Everyone will get the same gift and to add variety, I customised the packaging.

Boxes are now ready, just need to place the gift in…

And what’s about you ? How is it going on on your side ? At least, I hope you have fun decorating your Christmas tree, shopping for the best gifts or simply enjoying this typical end of year frenzy !

La suite en français…

Paper design

I bought these lovely papers Cristina Re from the ‘paper couture collection’. I like them ! First, I should say that I’m a pattern lover, a paper lover, a texture lover, because people will probably not understand why I’m so excited about these paper sheets ! I really like for example, in a fabric shop to touch and feel the texture of each fabric and look at all the patterns. The same in a paper shop. I share this paper addiction with my sister. Before, I really enjoyed to shop for paper with her in Paris. She’s used to come yearly in France for holidays and refill her stock of paper cause she does frames. I like specially her frames for kids !

As I’m not framing and don’t have any idea what I’ll do with these papers, I’ll have a look at the girly site of Christina Re to inspire me…

Oh, by the way, I just want to share one more thing made from paper ! I like it cause it combines paper and architecture: Origamic architecture. The work done by Ingrid Siliakus and Masahiro Chatani is so amazing !… and if you want to see more

J’ai acheté ces jolis papiers Cristina Re de la ‘collection papier couture’. J’aime beaucoup ! Avant tout, je dois préciser que je suis une amoureuse de motif, une amoureuse de papier, une amoureuse de texture, parce que sinon personne ne comprendra pourquoi je m’excite pour un morceau de papier ! J’aime par exemple, dans un magasin de tissus, toucher chaque tissu et regarder les motifs. Idem dans une papeterie. Je partage cet intérêt pour le papier avec ma soeur. Avant, j’avais plaisir à faire les magasins de papier avec elle, à Paris. Elle a l’habitude de venir chaque année en France pour les vacances et elle profite pour remplir son stock de papier, parce qu’elle fait de l’encadrement. J’aime beaucoup ses encadrements pour enfants !

Comme je ne fais pas d’encadrement et que je n’ai aucune idée de ce que je vais faire du papier, je vais faire un tour sur le site très fifille de Cristina Re pour m’inspirer…

Au fait, je veux juste partager une dernière chose, en papier toujours ! J’aime parce que c’est une association de papier et d’architecture: l’architecture origami. Le travail réalisé par Ingrid Siliakus et Masahiro Chatani est tout simplement impressionnant !…et si vous voulez en voir plus