Sinemage crepes jam and honey

I’ve made quite a lot of crêpes lately.

I don’t wait pancake day to make some. I usually miss the date anyway.
There’s no link with my supposed origin from Brittany, but rather how it is easy to make.
I’ve prepared both savory and sweet ones.
And that’s probably why I like them, they are so versatile.

I’m sure you also have your preference.
With mushrooms in a creamy sauce and topped with grilled cheese -that’s our favourite here- served with a green salad.
For sweet ones, Paprika likes them with túró -Hungarian fresh cheese- or ground poppy seeds -mákos palacsinta.
My choice will usually be honey with walnuts or even better chocolate !

Sinemage Crepes

I had left a small amount of buckwheat flour at home, so I improvised a batter with different flours, but I usually use this buckwheat crêpes recipe. It’s not only gluten free, but dairy free too.

Crispy edge like a golden lace. A rustic taste. And many tiny holes that let escape a juicy filling. I like buckwheat crêpes.
Usually savoury, Paprika and I also enjoy them sweet.

This time, I’ve also prepared a fruit salad and used the crêpes as serving cones for the fruit mix.

Sinemage Crepes and fruits

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