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Le Présent aux Couleurs du Passé

Last week-end I got a surprise in my mail box.
A nice one.
A little package was sent to me by my sister, Sandrine.
A lovely album she made to showcase pictures of my three siblings.
It’s so long time ago I didn’t get a chance to see them all together… So this scrapbook was like an early Christmas gift !

Sinemage Scrapbook details

I like the way she presented everything, from pictures, little words, delicate lace, to gilded and pink tones that give a vintage look to the whole album.

So I thought maybe you would enjoy it too…

La suite en français…


Shout Out

Still about colours…

I want to share watercolours made by my sister Sandrine.

Her work is obviously influenced and inspired by her past years in West African countries.

I like them and I hope you’ll enjoy as well !

watercolour Africa Olisand

Have a lovely week-end !

La suite en français…