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To Be All Ears


A quick post to share a couple of names that worth to be mentioned.

On Monday, Pecha Kucha night: It was awesome and very interesting !
One of the presentation I liked amongst many others, was the one from Meena Kadri with her pictures from India. Go and have a look at her photos and check her blog about communication, culture and creativity.

And don’t forget to check the next Pecha Kucha night in your city !

On Tuesday night, acoustic concert in the beautiful St Johns church: Greg Johnson, Boh Runga, Nathan King and the melodic voice of Lydia Cole ! Since then I can’t stop to listen to her…


It will be a long week-end -Labour day here in NZ on Monday.
So see you next week !

La suite en français…


Ma Cabane…


Luckily you rang at the door, I would have fall asleep again… Or should I say hibernate ?!

Look, I want to show you a house today. No, there’s no doorbell on this one, but it’s like the one you were dreaming about when you were child…

What ? Don’t tell me you have never dream to have a tree house ?! Are you scared of heights ?

Ok, right… It’s not actually a house, it’s a similar concept. It was first built as a restaurant and now the place is available as a venue for hire.

Don’t you like the organic shape ? There are more pictures and sketches there. Go and have a look !

No, I didn’t have the chance yet to visit it. It’s 45 minutes drive from Auckland…So that’s 10 hours drive from Welly…

And what I did then ? Well, I moved around the furniture a little bit here, in my own hut. Hope you like it…

I also take this opportunity to thank You for stopping by, participating and being supportive !

La suite en français…

Action !


A pair of eyes won’t be enough to watch all the movies of the NZ film festival !

A selection of movies, animations, documentaries and short films from all over the world will be screened from this week -17 July- and for 15 days in different cinemas of Wellington.
I’ve already made my choice and it’s a challenge to pick up a reasonable number of movies.

The festival is also the occasion to discover the New Zealand cinema.
Last year I’ve been moved by Apron strings; this year I plan to go and see The Strength of Water and This Way of Life.

For dates and schedule of the festival in other cities, check NZ film festival site!