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India Illuminated

Tonight, in Cuba Street, starts India Illuminated, a photographic exhibition by Meena Kadri.
This event is part of the Diwali, festival of lights, that starts this Sunday.

I’ll go and enjoy her striking and colourful photos, before heading out of town for the Labour week-end.

For those of you who don’t have a chance to be around Wellington for the next coming days, you may have a look online at her 99 exhibited photos.

La suite en français…


My Favourites

Tinakori Road sign

I’ve promised to Shaz, to share links I discovered lately and specially like. So here we go:

52 Suburbs, I like to see Sydney’s suburbs through Louise’s lens. I like the concept and the pictures !

Addict Lab, a site introduced by Jan Van Mol during the Blow festival. It’s a huge laboratory of ideas, innovation and creativity. A lot of inspiration out there !

Creative search, a new way of searching through text, image, video, music etc, at the same time. I’m addicted !

Tinakori Road sign

And also some little details snapped along Tinakori road. Not new -to me- and no web link for those, but my favourites anyway…

La suite en français…

Creative Arts

I’ve liked this presentation of Eva Zeisel showing some of her beautiful work, her interesting personality and sense of humour.

And also, if you are around here in Wellington, there’s Blow Festival about creative arts, that starts today -6 November.
An interesting programme with international guests. For 15 days, there will be exhibitions, lectures, performances and workshops in various fields such as design, dance, music, photography, fashion…