Sinemage Green Path Forest

Let’s go and have a walk.
Where the light is filtered through different layers of vegetation.
Where the colours are all magic.
Where the air smells humid and fresh.
Where I wandered yesterday: In the enchanted forest.

Sinemage Forest

Okay, it’s not really a forest. And it’s not that enchanted, but I like that it’s just 10 minutes walk from home and yet I feel like in a completely different world.
The atmosphere is very special there. Everything is so quiet. Just the noise of the birds foraging.
I feel like being in the middle of a story from a children’s book. An intriguing world.

It’s one of the track leading to the skyline walkway.

Sinemage lophomyrtus bullata
Sinemage Forest Bush

When I came back home, I just felt invigorated.
Like after experiencing a little bit of extraordinary from an ordinary walk.

Sinemage Enchanted Forest

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