Since I started this blog, it was obvious for me to include a category called ‘architecture and design’ as I like it. But what is obvious to you is probably not for everyone.

I suscribed to Expat Blog and I realised afterwards that I probably don’t give satisfaction to readers searching for information about New Zealand, despite the couple of posts in Nature and outdoors category, which is genuinely related to New Zealand…

My first idea was to show examples of traditional architecture. The natural beauty of New Zealand is told so many times and through so much more professional ways (TV reportage, books…), that it could be more interesting to look through the architectural prism, that did not made New Zealand renowned.

When I exposed my idea to Paprika, he didn’t feel so enthusiastic and threw the truth in my face: who care about old buildings ?!

Unfortunately, I had to admit he’s right…

I guess readers expect to see nice landscapes, anecdotes, traditions (about Maori culture), but certainly not to know that this building was shot in Wellington CBD and that its called Hibernian House, from the Catholic Hibernian society who bought it in 1985. Readers are neither interested in the fact that this Art Deco Style building was designed by architect F.D. Stewart in 1930 for Hamilton Nimmo. But you never know, if you come around, at the corner of Bond and Willis streets, stop to stare at windows shop and look above the canopy, you will see this nice brick facade. I like the detail of the stairs running on the facade.

If you have read all these uninteresting lines, you really deserve a goody ! So let’s watch this spoof advertisement from an Australian TV show called The Gruen Transfer. The idea is to sell the unsellable, like New Zealand invaded by Australia ! You’ll be delighted to see New Zealand landscapes and Down Under’s sense of humour ! Click on Pitch-2 after the headline “Which agency’s ad convinces us more that we need to invade New Zealand?

Source: Heritage buildings
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