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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring !


Pretty blossoms are everywhere now !
Enough to be in good mood and have inspiration with all these colours popping around.
So no surprise my paper cuts celebrate the return of Spring !

I also played around the idea of letters.
That could fit in a child bedroom…

And to train my hand at more intricate cut, I used this paper with original design from Cristina Re.
Papercut seems to be my new hobby, so don’t be surprise to see some more in the near future…

La suite en français…


Home, Sweet Home

layout Last Tuesday, I attended the reception to announce the winning design of the Starter Home competition and I had the opportunity to discover finalists projects.

I didn’t make it until this stage, but I was happy to be part of this event.

My little kiwi house, submitted to the competition has a simple design, with a concept focused on versatility.

Based on single module, the layout can be composed in different ways to allow open plan living or traditional separate living spaces.

To complete flexibility, a spare room is included in each layout. This ‘multi-purpose room’ can be transformed depending on owner’s need as a home office, children playground, entertainment room or simply an extension of the master bedroom.


You can also have a look at Stephen Smith’s winning design and finalists projects here.

The house will be built in Auckland and will be open for visit as soon as completed.

La suite en français…

Craft & Inspiration

paper quilling

Tell me, do you know what paper quilling is ?

Honestly, I didn’t know until recently.

I was shopping downtown and I saw these colourful strips of paper.

Eye catching, isn’t it ? Well, I have this addiction to colours that I can’t explain…

So I checked the packaging: Paper quilling was written on it. I was puzzled, because I still didn’t know what is it made for…

As the shop had a book section, I looked for one that would hopefully mention this craft. I could finally visualise it and purchased this rainbow made of paper.

Back home, I made a quick search on Internet and stumble upon the site of talented graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya !

If you want to get the picture about paper quilling, go and visit her site ! Really, it’s amazing ! If you do love illuminated book, let’s imagine a modern version of it in 3D ! Excellent examples, full of creativity.

Even if you are not crafty, it’s just so inspiring to look at her work


Since then, I just have one idea in mind: to try my hand at it !

La suite en français…