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Un Air de Fête

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Crafted Christmas Tree

Here we are. The week has finally come. The penultimate week of the year. The Christmas week.

Because it’s been ages I didn’t share a little crafted piece with you, I thought the Christmas tree of this year, would be a good excuse.
Simple, but more colourful than the one of last year. And bigger too, I should say. Much better to welcome more and larger presents at the same time !
And now, we’ll have to decide what will be in our plates for Christmas eve…

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Colour Paper balls
 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Paper Wreath
© 2011 Viviane Perenyi Paper Christmas Tree

La suite en français…



Sinemage Paper ceramic colour
Sinemage Paper Ceramic colour diptych
Sinemage Paper Hanging Mobile

Inspired by the Summer colours and following your cool response to the previous paper ceramics, I made another piece, more playful.

On second thought I assembled a hanging mobile with those paper beads and put upside down the ceramic – looking more like a bell this time.

I still have other ideas about those little pots and will not miss to share them with you soon…

La suite en français…

I read last time the beautiful post of Béatrice Peltre on La Tartine Gourmande. She speaks, among other things, about what make the difference between an American and a French supermarket. If dairy products can be one of the signs that show you are in France, there are also signs that show you are in New Zealand:

– The bakery section is fully surrounded by cinnamon flavour

– Cheeses are sold in tiny portion, except Cheddar and Edam.

– At the delicatessen part, the ham is already sliced

– You can find oil in spray and the oil range is wide

– There is a rainbow of bottles for food coloring

Vegemite and Marmite is sold next to jam and honey

I’m in my comparing phase at the moment, although I don’t like comparison. I would say in general that marketing and branding are not so strong here. I’ve been formated for many years in France and I admit to be a victim of these strategies. I pay attention to packaging, even if regarding food, my main criteria will remain the taste and the quality. I don’t like that much supermarkets. I guess it’s probably the light, the scale… The greengrocery section is far to be the most attractive part and I like to hang out there to discover new fruits!

In the same way I like how a shop organizes its window or display items. Last time during the sales, I did a pleasant discovery. It was not the window, nor the display, but the rear side of the shop: the fitting room ! It was huge and comfy at the same time. Nicely decorated in a Japanese style. You just wanted to spend all your afternoon there, trying all their garments !

Retails with personality are not so spread. Nonetheless, I appreciate the atmosphere and lovely shops of Greytown, in Wairarapa. In Wellington, there is Madder & Rouge, but I also like Magnolia (113 Tory Street) and Inky Pinky (Marsden Village, Karori). Both sell gorgeous decorative items ! For Antiques, I will definitely advice to go to Tinakori road and do not miss Cherry Orchard Antique !

You are probably wondering after all, what’s the link with iPhone ? There’s no. I’m just sick to hear about it everywhere, althought I like its design and that it’s user-friendly.

La suite en français

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