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Le Présent aux Couleurs du Passé

Last week-end I got a surprise in my mail box.
A nice one.
A little package was sent to me by my sister, Sandrine.
A lovely album she made to showcase pictures of my three siblings.
It’s so long time ago I didn’t get a chance to see them all together… So this scrapbook was like an early Christmas gift !

Sinemage Scrapbook details

I like the way she presented everything, from pictures, little words, delicate lace, to gilded and pink tones that give a vintage look to the whole album.

So I thought maybe you would enjoy it too…

La suite en français…


Paper Ceramic

Sinemage Paper Ceramic Cup

As I’ve already tweeted, I really admire the work of talented artist Siba Sahabi. She’s such an inspiration…

Humbly, I started to experiment by my own and made from paper my very first little cup.
For now, it’s only one really tiny dish, but I like the fact that it can hold different shapes.
I’ve played around this idea and illustrate here the versatility.

As soon as I’ll stock in paper strips again, I want to try to make a normal size dish and will let you know how it turns out…

Sinemage Paper quilling dishTilt

Sinemage Paper ceramic platterPlatter

Sinemage Paper cupPot

More craft with paper strips:
Paper pearls

La suite en français…

Wellington on a Plate

Sinemage papercut Wellington on a plate

What do you do when there’s the Food Event of the Year in your city – Wellington- and you desperately can’t enjoy it because of this annoying thing I told you earlier ?

Well, there are alternatives…

You can craft, instead of going for a lunch downtown with a bunch of sweet and lovely girls and discover a good cuisine…

You can go on Tuesday night to a potluck dinner, prepare a Diós rétes – walnut strudel- because the theme is Hungarian cuisine and meet Mike and other kind people but ultimately feast only with your eyes when time comes to eat…

Or you can simply blog about it, just for the sake of it…

Sinemage papercut fork and knife

Have a nice week-end !

La suite en français…