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Sinemage Leafy Bush New Zealand
Sinemage Light through Bush New Zealand

Let’s start this new week with colours.
They are slowly changing in the southern hemisphere. And so does the light.
Captures from a walk on a week-end in Horowhenua district.

Gentle light filtered through the foliage and nice shades of green or scarlet leaves on delicate stems I like them all.

Sinemage Red leaves Bush and path

Sinemage diptych red leaves

Sinemage Closeup red leaf

I also want to thank you all for spreading the word, showing your interest/bidding and Asha for setting up Food Bloggers Auction for Japan.



Sinemage Green Path Forest

Let’s go and have a walk.
Where the light is filtered through different layers of vegetation.
Where the colours are all magic.
Where the air smells humid and fresh.
Where I wandered yesterday: In the enchanted forest.

Sinemage Forest

Okay, it’s not really a forest. And it’s not that enchanted, but I like that it’s just 10 minutes walk from home and yet I feel like in a completely different world.
The atmosphere is very special there. Everything is so quiet. Just the noise of the birds foraging.
I feel like being in the middle of a story from a children’s book. An intriguing world.

It’s one of the track leading to the skyline walkway.

Sinemage lophomyrtus bullata
Sinemage Forest Bush

When I came back home, I just felt invigorated.
Like after experiencing a little bit of extraordinary from an ordinary walk.

Sinemage Enchanted Forest

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