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Flower Power

Sinemage Hydrangea 1

I went for a short walk yesterday in the botanic garden. It was a long time I didn’t do so. Maybe the need to smell and see the remains of Summer, before it’s all gone and Fall settles with beautiful and warm shades.

After three years here and so many promenades in this garden, I was surprised to discover a new corner.
Very pleasant. The light gently filtered through the foliage and the path lined with one of my favourite flowers. Hydrangea.
Plenty of them. Different varieties. An array of colours and shapes… A real feast for the eyes !

I came back home the mood up-lifted.

Sinemage Hydrangea diptych 1
Sinemage Hydrangea Pink
Sinemage Hydrangeas Diptych2

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Are We There Yet ?

Sinemage Magnolia bloom

Looking at the frost outside yesterday morning, we are not there yet. No, winter is not over.
But when I walk by the beautiful magnolia in the Botanic Garden, I dream about Spring
And I know now it’s on the way. Soon !

Sinemage Magnolia bloom

The past days have been so pleasant…

Paprika and I caught the shuttle to Matiu-Somes island under a peaceful blue sky on Sunday.
And I walked up on the skyline at the beginning of the week to enjoy the view over Cook strait with Kaikoura ranges snow-capped.

Sinemage Magnolia bloom closeup

Maybe I should have titled this post magnolia for ever

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Couleur Or

Sinemage Fall Leaf

Before it’s too late.
Before the wind blow them all away.
Would you come with me for a walk ?
To feel the cool wind on the face, to hear the crackled of the leaves under the feet and to look at the golden foliage…

Sinemage Wellington Botanic Garden Fall
Sinemage Fall Leaves

See you next week and in the meantime, have some good time!

La suite en français…