I should do it before I miss it.

That’s exactly what I told to myself when I realised it’s already September !
Can you believe it ? The end of the year is so close now… 2009 is a speedy !

I didn’t want to miss the deadline for LiveStrong Day with a Taste of Yellow. A blog event hosted by Barbara from Winos and Foodies to raise awareness of cancer issues worldwide.


It’s ages I did not eat des oeufs mimosa [deviled eggs].
I remember my mother was used to make some for starter when we had guests coming. Served with a tomato salad, it’s delicious !
While I will have to wait for Summer for good tomatoes, I still can enjoy these oeufs mimosa… And for an authentic taste, I prepared the mayonnaise.

You can also join in and submit until September 13 a recipe including a yellow food for this Taste of Yellow 2009 !


To prepare Oeufs Mimosa:
Cook eggs for 10 minutes in a boiling water with a bit of vinegar // Let them cool under cold water, peel them and half them // Spoon out the hard egg yolk and pass it through a fine sieve // Keep it aside and prepare the mayonnaise // Mix together an egg yolk, salt, a tsp lemon juice and half tsp mustard // Keep on whipping and then add gradually olive oil [10cl] until the mayonnaise is thick // Scoop mayonnaise in the egg white and spread on the top sieved egg yolk.

La suite en français…