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Around The Bays

It was at the beginning of the week.
After days of endless rain the sun brilliantly made an appearance in a cloudless sky.
It felt like a crime to stay at home.

A lunch on the waterfront with Paprika and then I leisurely made the round of Wellington bays.
The chilly wind was there, as usual, but it felt so good to be outside and breath fresh air. And the smell of the sea. Nothing like it…

Baches along the seashore always draw my attention with their catchy colours and quirky details.
And to complete the picture, the ferry was leaving Wellington harbour heading South, where the beautiful snow-capped mountains of the South island could be noticed over the strait. Bliss.

I came back home all invigorated and ready to have a hot drink…


Sinemage Crab painting
Sinemage Kapiti coast and fishing gear

Last sunday was a day spent by the sea.
The mild weather and the recent arrival of Paprika’s friend, were perfectly combined to enjoy the outdoors.

Walking on familiar path and favored spot, brought back memories of Summer 2010, when my niece M. was here.
I remember that unlike last Sunday, it was a fairly windy day. We walked on that same beach, our face lashed by the sea breeze and she started to sing ‘I believe I can fly‘…
I smiled thinking of those good moments and I collected a little bit of sand.
This way, I’m sure it’ll remind her this special time in New Zealand too when she’ll open my next letter…

And while I was deep in my thoughts, Paprika, trousers rolled up, soaked his feet in the chilled water…

Not being so foolhardy, I prefered to let my eyes being caught by details, colours and light…

Sinemage shoes and barefeet
Sinemage foam and patterns on sand

Sinemage Pattern on sand

La suite en français…


Here’s a new week. The end of Summer. And a bit of cheerful colours from New Zealand. Specially after what happened last week.

It was one of these beautiful week-end. Paprika and I had a lie-in. After a good breakfast, we prepared a quick lunch to take away. Just half an hour drive from home and we started the walk.

Slip slop slap, we walk in the first part under the green canopy of the bush with the sound of cicadas -so loud at times.
Then the track is open air and reveals the rolling hills, so distinctive of the Wellington region.
The path keeps on climbing and gives a great view of Porirua and Wellington harbours.
We finally reach the summit and discover on the opposite side, the outline of the Marlborough Sounds. Like a painting, the coast is topped with this long white cloud and framed by the gentle hills in the foreground.

I remember that I thought at that time, there is no better place and company to enjoy a lunch…

La suite en français…