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Creative Arts

I’ve liked this presentation of Eva Zeisel showing some of her beautiful work, her interesting personality and sense of humour.

And also, if you are around here in Wellington, there’s Blow Festival about creative arts, that starts today -6 November.
An interesting programme with international guests. For 15 days, there will be exhibitions, lectures, performances and workshops in various fields such as design, dance, music, photography, fashion…


To Be All Ears


A quick post to share a couple of names that worth to be mentioned.

On Monday, Pecha Kucha night: It was awesome and very interesting !
One of the presentation I liked amongst many others, was the one from Meena Kadri with her pictures from India. Go and have a look at her photos and check her blog about communication, culture and creativity.

And don’t forget to check the next Pecha Kucha night in your city !

On Tuesday night, acoustic concert in the beautiful St Johns church: Greg Johnson, Boh Runga, Nathan King and the melodic voice of Lydia Cole ! Since then I can’t stop to listen to her…


It will be a long week-end -Labour day here in NZ on Monday.
So see you next week !

La suite en français…

Ma Cabane…


Luckily you rang at the door, I would have fall asleep again… Or should I say hibernate ?!

Look, I want to show you a house today. No, there’s no doorbell on this one, but it’s like the one you were dreaming about when you were child…

What ? Don’t tell me you have never dream to have a tree house ?! Are you scared of heights ?

Ok, right… It’s not actually a house, it’s a similar concept. It was first built as a restaurant and now the place is available as a venue for hire.

Don’t you like the organic shape ? There are more pictures and sketches there. Go and have a look !

No, I didn’t have the chance yet to visit it. It’s 45 minutes drive from Auckland…So that’s 10 hours drive from Welly…

And what I did then ? Well, I moved around the furniture a little bit here, in my own hut. Hope you like it…

I also take this opportunity to thank You for stopping by, participating and being supportive !

La suite en français…