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To Be All Ears


A quick post to share a couple of names that worth to be mentioned.

On Monday, Pecha Kucha night: It was awesome and very interesting !
One of the presentation I liked amongst many others, was the one from Meena Kadri with her pictures from India. Go and have a look at her photos and check her blog about communication, culture and creativity.

And don’t forget to check the next Pecha Kucha night in your city !

On Tuesday night, acoustic concert in the beautiful St Johns church: Greg Johnson, Boh Runga, Nathan King and the melodic voice of Lydia Cole ! Since then I can’t stop to listen to her…


It will be a long week-end -Labour day here in NZ on Monday.
So see you next week !

La suite en français…


Action !


A pair of eyes won’t be enough to watch all the movies of the NZ film festival !

A selection of movies, animations, documentaries and short films from all over the world will be screened from this week -17 July- and for 15 days in different cinemas of Wellington.
I’ve already made my choice and it’s a challenge to pick up a reasonable number of movies.

The festival is also the occasion to discover the New Zealand cinema.
Last year I’ve been moved by Apron strings; this year I plan to go and see The Strength of Water and This Way of Life.

For dates and schedule of the festival in other cities, check NZ film festival site!



Matariki is the Māori name given to the star cluster also known as the Pleiades.

The first new moon after the sighting of Matariki in the dawn sky marks the beginning of the Māori new year. This year it’ll be on 24 June. The Maori New Year falls at a different time every year, because it’s Moon-related.

It’s a festive time traditionally corresponding to the end of the harvest season and the start of the planting one.

To celebrate Matariki there are many events nationwide organised in June and July, including a festival at the national museum, with music, film, dance modern or traditional, and arts and crafts.

Please check the following sites for :

– A detailed programme of festivities at Te Papa

– More information about tradition of Māori new year

– And astronomical data on Matariki.

La suite en français…