Mulled Cider

August 09, 2013

Mulled Cider | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Paprika and I are eagerly awaiting the delivery of our stuff. It's like we have lived out of a suitcase for a month now and we look forward to making our new place feel like a home.

The current situation made me think about this notion of comfort strongly associated with the one of home.

It reminded me that winter night in Wellington, and how we felt cosy inside while sipping the mulled cider I had prepared. Dinner was slowly cooking and the warm and aromatic beverage was our apéro that evening.

If like me, you appreciate wine and spices, but have never been a fan of mulled wine, this cider version, somehow lighter, is worth trying.

Mulled Cider | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi All images © Viviane Perenyi

Mulled Cider

750ml cider (a bottle) 1 cinnamon stick 1 vanilla pod, split in two 1-2 tsp honey 1 thick slice of ginger Half apple, peeled, core removed and diced Half lime zest

Simmer the ingredients in a pan over medium fire for 10-15 minutes. Strain and serve warm.

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Paprika et moi attendons avec impatience la livraison de nos affaires. Nous vivons dans le temporaire depuis un mois et nous avons hâte de trouver nos marques et d'apporter un peu de convivialité à notre nouvel espace.

La situation actuelle m'a fait réfléchir sur cette notion de comfort fortement associée à celle du chez-soi.

Cela m'a rapellé, cette nuit d'hiver à Wellington, où Paprika et moi comfortablement installés, sirotions le cidre chaud que j'avais préparé. Le dîner mijotait doucement et cette boisson chaude et aromatique était notre apéro ce soir-là.

Si comme moi, vous appréciez le vin et les épices, mais n'êtes pas fan de vin chaud, cette version cidre, plus légère, vaut le coup d'être essayée.


So beautiful. What a lovely sounding winter drink. Good luck to you with the transitions. Everything will be back to normal before you know it! thyme (Sarah)

a good idea! fallenindreamm

A wonderful idea! So comforting. I particularly love the last picture. Cheers, Rosa Rosa Mayland

Sounds yum . Love the colour of your lipstick. bronvoyage

That’s a cosy looking scarf to go with your cosy drink! The ginger, vanilla and cinnamon sounds wonderful. hungryandfrozen

Great idea for the mulled cider…. lovely post. Wishing you a happy and quick settling in period. Before too long you will have your treasured things around you in your new home. Lizzy (Good Things)

Sarah, thank you for your supportive words, very appreciated ! Rosa, thank you ! Bronvoyage, thank you. Adelaidefoodies, give it a try ! Fallenindreamm, glad to hear you like it! Lizzy, thank you very much. Can’t wait indeed ! Vanille

I can imagine waiting for one’s things can be a bit on the anxious side of things having followed a couple of friends’ move from Europe to the US. It took nearly two months! Lovely, comforting drink – and I agree. I think I’d love this cider version. Beautiful photos! kellypea

Quel blog superbe! J’adore les photos, je vais y revenir, bravo encore…. very beautiful blog and photographs. catherinecuisine

The juice looks promising! Just thinking what a paprika drink would taste like. adelaidefoodies

If nothing else, the first photo makes me want to taste! janina