February 21, 2013

Lime and Chilli Grilled Corn on the Cob | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Each time I shuck an ear of corn, I think that fashion designer Issey Miyake got his inspiration for his pleated clothes from the husk. Just my imagination... Don't you find the texture and gradual colour interesting though? Of course, the most important you will tell me is inside. Shiny golden kernels tightly arranged in rows.

To be honest, I've underrated corn until now. The main reason is the way I was used to prepare it, simply boiled. Everything changed after the first bite of grilled corn though. The sweet taste beautifully enhanced with a knob of butter, a dash of salt and a drizzle of lime juice is rather addictive. And Paprika agreed with me.

Lime and Chilli Grilled Corn on the Cob | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi Lime and Chilli Grilled Corn on the Cob | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

So we are just making the most of the corn season...

Basically I followed these instructions. I just pulled up the husks before using the oven grill instead of the barbecue. I prepared beforehand a flavored salt with chilli flakes and finely grated lime zest. Simple and tasty snack assured!

Corn Husks | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

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A chaque fois que j'épluche un épis, je pense que le couturier Issey Miyake tient son inspiration pour ses vêtements plissés des feuilles de maïs. Juste mon imagination... Ne trouvez-vous pas la texture et la nuance de couleur intéressantes néanmoins? Bien sûr, le plus important vous allez me dire se trouve à l'intérieur. Les graines dorées et luisantes, disposées en rangs serrés.

Pour être honnête, j'avais sous-estimé le maïs jusqu'à présent. La raison principale est sans doute la façon que j'avais de le préparer. Simplement bouilli. Mais tout a changé après la première bouchée de maïs grillé. Le goût sucré joliment relevé par une lichette de beurre, une pincée de sel et un peu de jus de citron vert est totalement addictif. Et Paprika est d'accord sur ce point.

Donc nous profitons pleinement de la saison du maïs...

J'ai suivi en gros les instructions suivantes. J'ai juste relevé les feuilles avant d'utiliser le grill du four au lieu du barbecue. J'ai préparé au préalable un sel aromatisé au zeste de citron vert finement râpé et flocons de piment. Snack simple et délicieux assuré!


BiteByMichelle, thank you. Your turn will come quicker than you think ! Sandrine, oui à essayer, ça te plaira j’en suis sûre ! Mama Mouse, thank you for the kind words. Rosa, thank you ;) Have a great week-end ! Mairi, help yourself ;) Nicola, thank you. Enjoy your week-end ! Vanille

Vanille, since I have now acquire experience with growing and eating corn - a native staple in my Northern Piedmont - I can advise that not all corn is for boiling/steaming: only super-sweet corn that has just been picked. You should treat those like fresh peas: boil them briefly as soon as they are picked and eat them right away. It is simply delicious. But the corn must have been just picked and be the right cultivar. Otherwise, yes roasting or grilling is the best, as it will turn the starches in the corn into those great “caramelized” flavors. PS - the husk can be saved for tamales! PPS - I am catching up on your gorgeous photos and fun posts. Sylvie in Rappahannock

I love sweet corn, eating whole sweet corn is one of those great moments in my life when I was young! mycookinghut

I love corn done on the grill or barbecue; much nicer flavour and texture. Lovely images!! timeforalittlesomething

Your photos are stunning and making me very excited for warm weather to return! Thanks for sharing. bitebymichelle

Je ne connais effectivement que le maïs bouilli ! Dans tous les cas cette façon de le préparer m’a l’air délicieux…. Sandrine

You are making me drool…I would like to dive right in! mairi29

Chilli lime salt… Love it. Beautiful post. Nicola Galloway

Sylvie, thank you for the valuable information. I believe you have developed a good knowledge after all those years spent in the USA. I’ve never tried tamales yet. I should give it a try though before the season is fully over. Thank you for your kind words ;) Vanille

Yummy! Lizzy (Good Things)

beautiful photos and looks yummy too Mama Mouse

Scrumptious! It is true, corn husks have a wonderful texture. I totally understand why Issey Miyake comes to mind when you peel fresh corn… Cheers, Rosa Rosa Mayland

Lovely work! Would you be happy to link it in to the current Food on Friday which is about all things BBQ? This is the link . I do hope to see you there. Cheers Carole

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