Coconut & Chocolate Steam Cake

August 03, 2012

© 2012 Viviane Perenyi - Steamed Coco and Chocolate Cake

After a very good time in Paris, Paprika and I are back in Magyarország -Hungary- enjoying the ever charming Budapest...

Before I'm able to share more about our trip, here's a little sweet I've made a couple of weeks ago in my kiwi kitchen.

In my little notepad I had scribbled lamington. The initial idea I had in mind. An excuse to use the light and crisp coconut chips I had in the pantry. From there the idea evolved into this cake that requires no baking.

A steam cake with a subtle coconut flavour frosted with a generous chocolate crème anglaise and topped with the delicate curls of coconut chips...

© 2012 Viviane Perenyi - Coconut & Chocolate Steam Cake

Coconut & Chocolate Steam Cakes (makes 6 little cakes)

120g rice flour 50g caster sugar 200ml coconut milk 4 egg whites

In a bowl mix together rice flour and sugar. Pour in coconut milk and and stir. In a separate bowl whip egg whites until firm peak. Fold gently in the flour mixture and combine to have an homogenous batter but still foamy. Grease well moulds with vegetable oil and pour the batter in (3/4 full). Steam for 25-30 minutes.

Chocolate crème (you will have more than needed for the cakes) 100ml coconut milk 50g dark chocolate 2 egg yolks 25g sugar

In a little sauce pan over low fire, warm coconut milk and chocolate. In a bowl, whip egg yolks and sugar until pale. Pour the hot chocolate and coconut milk over the eggs and keep on whipping. Pour the sauce back into the sauce pan and over low fire stir constantly until the sauce starts to thicken - between 5 to 10 minutes. When the desired consistency is obtained. Coat each cake with the crème and sprinkle on top the coconut chips.

© 2012 Viviane Perenyi - Steamed Coco and Chocolate Cake

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Après un superbe séjour à Paris, Paprika et moi sommes de retour à Magyarország -Hongrie- et profitons de la charmante Budapest...

Avant que je puisse partager davantage sur notre voyage, voici une petite douceur que j'avais faite il y a quelques semaines dans ma cuisine kiwi.

Dans mon calepin j'avais griffoné lamington. L'idée initiale que j'avais en tête. Une excuse pour utiliser les lamelles de coco légères et croustillantes que j'avais dans le placard. De là, l'idée a évolué pour devenir ce petit gâteau qui ne demande aucune cuisson au four.

Un gâteau vapeur au coco nappé d'une généreuse crème anglaise au chocolat et garni de délicates volutes de coco...


Heaven on a plate right there. Zen and Genki

*My husband and I baked a banana steam cake for our friend’s birthday several years ago. He’s Filipino and apparently that cake is traditional, something he remembered from his childhood. It had a coconut icing similar to what you made, minus the chocolate, of course. Shredded, toasted coconut to finish a wonderful dessert! I love your big coconut flakes – I’ve not seen those. Cheers, *Heather** heather

Wow, une belle invention qui semble aussi délicieuse… et belles photos, as always :) frogncie

Lapetitebaker, thank you ! The Kitchen Maid, oh, thank you very much! Shruti, let me know how it turns out for you. Auntie K, you should try it. Steam cake is easy and a nice alternative when one doesn’t want to turn on the oven. Girlinafoodfrenzy, good to know this little cake has inspired you ! Bunny Eats Design, Thank you. The second serving, it was indeed ! Flo, merci. Il faudra que tu me dises si tu as fais évoluer cette recette et fait naître une nouvelle ;) Oui, c’est dommage pour cette fois, mais ce n’est que partie remise ! Dimitra, thank you ! Dave Caufield, steam cake is fairly easy. Frogncie, merci tout plein ! Vanille

Ohh those shreds of coconut look so pretty. Love how light and soft these sound, being steamed rather than baked. Enjoy your travels - Hungary is beautiful! hungryandfrozen

Yum yum yum yum. I wanna make this and wonder if I could use normal wheat flour rather than rice flour? Hmmm, might just try anyway so I don’t have to go out first :o) Calico Stretch

That cake looks amazing! Surely quite addictive. cheers, Rosa Rosa May (@RosasYummyYums)

This is amazing looking! Love how pretty the pictures are :) ashley

*That is such a beautiful cake! I love the contrast of dark brown and the white coconut flakes. Gorgeous pictures! I would like to invite you to Yumgoggle. Your phenomenal photos have caught our attention, we have been on the lookout for unique and interesting bloggers since we launched our food photo submission site. * yumgoggle

This looks amazing! lapetitebaker

These are surely the most elegant lamingtons I’ve ever seen! The Kitchenmaid

love the combination , i’m yet to try a steamed cake shruti

Omygosh, this is the first time I heard about steamed cake. I must try it! auntie k

Wow, just found your gorgeous blog! So beautiful, I love these little cakes! They look so delicious! :) Amy

Such a lovely light cake and beautiful recipe. I especially like the combination of coconut milk and shredded. Very inspired :) girlinafoodfrenzy

Gorgeous photos. I love that plate. It’s perfectly precious. I had lamingtons for the first time in years. Your steamed cake is a great tribute to a classic. Bunny Eats Design

Delicious! the second serving

Très intéressante recette, qui me met l’eau à la bouche. Il ne me reste qu’à trouver un bon substitut aux blancs d’oeufs, pas toujours simple. Je regrette bien de ne pas avoir pu trouver l’opportunité de “monter” à Paris lorsque vous y étiez, mais la vie est ainsi faite en ce moment… Bonne continuation de séjour européen, une grosse bise! Flo Flo Makanai

Great flavour combinations for a cake, would love a slice right now and it’s only breakfast time here! Nic

It looks amazing! Thank you very much for the recipe! Dimitra Dimitra

This looks absolutely sinful! Can’t wait to try my hand in making it. Wish me luck. Dave Caufield

Looks wonderful! Enjoy your travels and eat your way through your trip. We can live vicariously through your postings. : D kelihasablog

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