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It was last Saturday.
We all gathered at the Tasting Shed, in north-west Auckland, for the very first Food Blogger conference in New Zealand.
It was a great day. It was an opportunity to see again bloggers not meet for a while and be introduced to others for the first time.
Thanks to Alli who organised everything and gave us the chance to share and exchange around a common interest.
Andrea presented guidelines on web design, Jaco spoke about social media, Alessandra talked about writing -peppered with anecdotes of her own experience- Emma gave a behind-the-scene insight of her communal blog, Louise introduced us to tasty seaweeds and Bron shared the principles and her tips about food photography.

I came back home on Saturday night tired, but all happy with the day. And I’m already looking forward to the next time.

You can read and see more about the conference here, here and here

And a special thanks to Mairi for her hospitality.

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