October 27, 2011

© 2011 Viviane Perenyi Turo Rudi

Paprika introduced me to Túró Rudi in one of my first trips to Hungary. Useless to say that I liked it from the first bite. Whenever we were in a supermarket, I grabbed a couple of them.

It’s a very popular sweet made of quark (túró in Hungarian) coated with chocolate and shape like a stick. The taste is distinctive -to other chocolate bars- and so is the red polka dot packaging.

© 2011 Viviane Perenyi Turo Rudi Diptych

It was last week, after hosting a Hungarian dinner at home, I had quark left and thought of trying to make some. The first batch was enough convincing. The most important is to find the right quark, as the creamy kind will not work here. After that, it's fairly easy to do. And very quick to eat !

© 2011 Viviane Perenyi Turo Rudi

Túró Rudi (makes about 12)

350gr quark 2 heaped tbsp icing sugar 1 good pinch of vanilla powder 180gr dark chocolate for coating (there’ll be chocolate left)

Drain well quark by gently squeezing the water out through a muslin cloth. In a bowl mix well together quark, sugar and vanilla. With a teaspoon, scoop the mixture and roll into a small ball between your palms. Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Melt chocolate in a double boiler. Dip one by one quark ball with the help of a toothpick and gently shake off the chocolate excess. Let them cool completely on baking paper. Keep refrigerated if not consumed directly.</em>

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Paprika m'a fait connaitre le Túró Rudi lors d'un de mes premiers voyages en Hongrie.

Inutile de dire que je l'ai adopté à la première bouchée. Chaque fois que nous étions dans un supermarché, je ne manquais pas d'en prendre quelques uns.

C'est une confection très populaire, faite avec du fromage frais, similaire à la faisselle (appelé túró en Hongrois) enrobé de chocolat et en forme de bâtonnet. Le goût est tout aussi distinctif que l'emballage à pois rouge.

C'était la semaine dernière, après le dîner hongrois que nous avions fait à la maison, il me restait du quark et j'ai pensé à essayer d'en faire.

La première fournée a été plutôt convaincante. Le plus important est de trouver le bon type de fromage frais, s'il est trop crémeux ça ne marchera pas. Après, c'est assez simple à faire. Et très rapide à déguster !

Túró Rudi (makes about 12) 350g de fromage frais 2 c.à.s bombées de sucre glace 1 bonne pincée de vanille en poudre 180g chocolat noir pour l'enrobage (il restera du chocolat)

Bien égoutter le fromage frais en le pressant gentiment à travers un linge en coton. Dans un bol, bien mélanger le fromage frais, le sucre et la vanille. A l'aide d'une petite cuillère, prélever un peu de fromage et le rouler en boule entre vos paumes. Préparer une plaque de cuisson doublée de papier sulfurisé. Faire fondre le chocolat au bain marie. A l'aide d'un pique en bois, plonger les boules de fromage frais une à une. Bien égoutter et laisser refroidir complètement sur le papier sulfurisé. Conserver au réfrigérateur si vous ne consommer pas directement.

--- ## Comments > *What is quark? This looks like a peppermint patty type of chocolate. I love when completely new foods enter my world. That top picture is awesome!* > **[Snippets of Thyme](http://rileymadel.blogspot.com)** > *Frogncie, le fromage blanc sera trop crémeux. La faisselle conviendrait mieux. Il faudra bien l'égoutter néanmoins. Tu me diras ce que tu en penses ?! Snippet of Thyme, here's the definition of quark: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quark_(cheese). Hope you'll give it a try !* > **Vanille** > *Mmmh ! Ca donne vraiment envie, surtout la dernière photo du chocolat coupé en deux. Un petit conseil pour le choix du fromage frais dans les rayons français ? faisselle ? fromage blanc ?* > **frogncie** > *So quark is something like Indian paneer I guess. I would love to try these .. sounds easy too! Fun treat for party i say :)* > **[kankana](http://www.sunshineandsmile.com)** > *Kankana, túró like paneer are fresh cheeses, but the making is slightly different. Here are links to visualize the process: http://bit.ly/sb8k3V and it's explained in the comment section of this post too: http://bit.ly/vT2P2s* > **Vanille** > *Quark! Fell in love during a high school visit to Germany, and couldn't get enough during my stay. Sadly it's few and far between in the States, especially here in the coastal regions of North Carolina. Overall there is very little food diversity -- a MAJOR bummer for Dan and me. I've not heard of this particular treat, probably because I've not been to Hungary, but I think I will love it when I can try it some day. As for now, I will dream of quark. And chocolate. Cheers, *Heather** > **[heather](http://squirrelbread.wordpress.com/)** > *Interesting little treat, and so easy to make. Lovely photos Vanille.* > **[Barbara](http://www.winosandfoodies.com)** > *Une spécialité que je ne connaissais pas! Mmmhhh, j'adore cette utilisation du fromage frais. Lovely! Cheers, Rosa* > **[Rosa May (@RosasYummyYums)](http://twitter.com/RosasYummyYums)** > *How unusual, I really want to know how these taste. A creamy cheese center with a chocolate coating is so intriguing.* > **[Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen](http://gourmandeinthekitchen.com/)** > *If you like these, you should travel over here and try our quark bars! Known here as a kohuke, it is a little baton of sweetened quark, filled with a stripe of jam or other flavours and then dipped in chocolate. It's a traditional sweet of Estonia.* > **[Elisa](http://www.zappie.eu)** > *I love the sound of these treats Vanille, and they look so cute too! Do you make your own quark or can you substitute some other curd/cheese?* > **[shaz](http://www.testwithskewer.blogspot.com)** > *Mmm these sound heavenly, we have a local cheese maker in Loburn who makes wonderful quark. I love the pretty blossom paper cases too, so spring!* > **[bron](http://bronmarshall.org)** > *Oh yum, this looks so yummy! And you make them look so pretty too :-) Happy weekend Alessandra* > **[Alessandra](http://alessandrazecchini.blogspot.com/)** > *Heather, sad to read that North Carolina is not what you expected foodwise, but everything will be fine soon when you'll have your own garden ;) Barbara, thank you. Rosa, merci. Sylvie, tell me what do you think when you'll make it. Elisa, they do have many different versions including one with jam in Hungary as well. My favourite remains the plain one though. Shaz, I did not make the quark myself. It would require a couple of days of preparation. For substitution, I can't advice as I did not try any other type of cheese. Just do not chose a cheese that's too creamy. I know you and your Mc Giver style will find out ;) Bron, the fresher the better ! I see you always an eye for details ;) Alessandra, thank you ! Enjoy your week-end too !* > **Vanille** > *This looks so good. I have never heard of this before and look forward to trying this.* > **michele** > *If you put some lemon zest into the quark, the taste will be even more similar to the original one, which is sold in supermarkets. I love Túró Rudi! We buy it very often.* > **[Terei-Vgih Krisztina](http://www.alacarte-kulinaria.blogspot.com)** > *Loving the photography on this blog and of course the wonderful recipes! I can't wait to try.* > **[aftertasteblog](http://aftertasteblog.wordpress.com)** > *Oh, mais c'est tentant ces petites choses-là. Je n'aurais pas pensé à mettre de la faisselle dans du chocolat, pourtant j'adore ça.* > **[Gwen](http://www.lespetiteschozes.fr)** > *Looks really good!* > **[mycookinghut](http://www.mycookinghut.com)** > *Ciao Vanille i hope that you got home ok :-) XX A.* > **[Alessandra](http://alessandrazecchini.blogspot.com/)** > *The original one was produced in the former SovietUnion, and a hungarian milk industry engineer adapted it to Hungary in the 1980's. Now it is the most popular milk dessert in the hungarian market. It is said that a slice of it equals a glass of milk, that's why the parents buy it to their children in a ten pieces package. Me too. Somtimes they let me eat one of it :D And another important thing: "túró" is not as creamy as the german quark, it is closer to the ricotta or cottage cheese!* > **[piszke](http://www.piszke.blogspot.com)** > *I feel immediately in love with this light and refreshing sweet when a couple of Hungarian friends introduced it to me some years ago. I guess you can easily use cottage cheese instead of quark. But there is also a very light lemon taste, so I'll add some lemon zest. Thanks for sharing, it's so hard to find this English version!* > **Karina** > *[…] What would be the perfect food and drink pairing for your book? Coffee, Croatian style—in a tiny cup with a shot of water. For food, Hungarian Turo Rudi bars—a perfect pairing with coffee. They’re very hard to come by out of Europe, but here’s a recipe I found: https://atdownunder.com/2011/10/27/dotted/ […]* > **[Steena Reads: Tosca Lee | Author Steena Holmes](http://www.steenaholmes.com/steena-reads-tosca-lee/)**