Simply Happy

November 27, 2010

Having the breakfast this morning on the deck brought a big smile on my face. I simply love it ! What a nice way to start the day. And I can feel everywhere, everyone is so much looking forward the long Summer days… I’ve also seen this morning the very first apricots at the Farmers market and I got excited about them…

So if I had to sum up this week with an image, it would be this one. It reflects not only the fine weather we’ve got lately, but also my mind and mood…

Enjoy your week-end !


My brother lived in New Zealand for a year but I had no chance to visit him… you make me wish to be there!! What a wonderful weather and landscape you have! (well, Canada is not that bad! ;) ) christelle is flabbergasting

:-) Alessandra

Beautiful! Here, it is snowing. Cheers, Rosa Rosa

I’m hearing you! The sound of cicadas makes me grin from ear to ear. Enjoy the weekend Vanille :) shaz

*This post makes me happy just looking at it. Don’t you love those simple moments?! So peaceful, a blessing. Were those flowers along a walking path or in your yard? From all your photos, I imagine you live on a precipice somewhere, overlooking the ocean with vast fields of wildflowers and grasses surrounding you, an orchard in the front! Cheers, *Heather** heather

Ah, I wish I’d live in such a dreaming place as you describe… The flowers are on a pathway in one of the city park. But I like the way your imagination goes wild ;) Vanille

Both you and Alessandra have posted about the beginning of summer and it’s unimaginable here - it’s so grey every day and snowing…I just can’t wait to be there too, and smell the ocean. Sasa

You’ve captured the feeling perfectly. That is such a beautiful image. Cynthia

I’m going to bookmark this image and look at it when I’m down in the dumps. It’s so light, airy and inspiring. Sally

This is so lovely - and it’s been so grey here. What a breath of fresh air! Tricia @ {every}nothing wonderful

The happiness of having summer all ahead of you :) I will be travelling to New Zealand in a few months time, I can’t wait… Blandine