November 05, 2010

Sinemage crepes jam and honey

I’ve made quite a lot of crêpes lately.

I don’t wait pancake day to make some. I usually miss the date anyway. There’s no link with my supposed origin from Brittany, but rather how it is easy to make. I’ve prepared both savory and sweet ones. And that’s probably why I like them, they are so versatile.

I’m sure you also have your preference. With mushrooms in a creamy sauce and topped with grilled cheese -that’s our favourite here- served with a green salad. For sweet ones, Paprika likes them with túró -Hungarian fresh cheese- or ground poppy seeds -mákos palacsinta. My choice will usually be honey with walnuts or even better chocolate !

Sinemage Crepes

I had left a small amount of buckwheat flour at home, so I improvised a batter with different flours, but I usually use this buckwheat crêpes recipe. It’s not only gluten free, but dairy free too.

Crispy edge like a golden lace. A rustic taste. And many tiny holes that let escape a juicy filling. I like buckwheat crêpes. Usually savoury, Paprika and I also enjoy them sweet.

This time, I’ve also prepared a fruit salad and used the crêpes as serving cones for the fruit mix.

Sinemage Crepes and fruits

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J’ai fait beaucoup de crêpes dernièrement.

Je n’attends pas la chandeleur pour en faire. Je râte habituellement la date d’ailleurs. Aucun lien avec mes supposées origines Bretonnes, mais plutôt combien il est facile d’en faire. J’en ai préparé des salées et sucrées. Et c’est sans doute la raison pour laquelle j’aime bien les crêpes, elles offrent beaucoup de possiblités.

Je suis sûre que vous avez votre préférence. Avec des champignons, de la crème et du fromage grillé sur le dessus -c’est notre préférée- servie avec une salade verte. Pour les sucrées, Paprika les aime avec du túró -fromage frais hongrois- ou des graines de pavots moulues -mákos palacsinta. Mon choix se portera généralement sur du miel et des noix ou encore mieux, du chocolat !

Il me restait un fond de farine de sarrasin à la maison, j’ai donc improvisé une pâte avec différentes farines, mais généralement je prépare les crêpes selon cette recette. Elles sont non seulement sans gluten, mais aussi sans lait.

Le bord croustillant comme une dentelle dorée. Un goût rustique. Et plein de petits trous qui laissent échapper la garniture. J’aime les crêpes au sarrasin ! Habituellement servies salées, Paprika et moi les dégustons aussi sucrés.

Cette fois-ci, j’avais également préparé une salade de fruits et j’ai utilisé les crêpes en guise de cônes pour servir le mélange de fruits.


I love crepes! mycookinghut

I like them with butter, sugar and lemon or orange juice/zest. But all your other alternatives would do, if you pass me one! :-) Alessandra

They looks so beautiful and lacy. I like mine with lemon sugar or quick stewed berries and cream :) shaz

*Nutella + banana is classic, though I do love honey, fig and toasted walnut. Ricotta and any berry + honey is quite nice, too. Cheers, *Heather** heather

Scrumptious crepes and some gorgeous pictures! Soma

Des crêpes !! Je devrais en faire ce week-end, j’ai du lemon curd à écouler ! Superbes photos… comme toujours ! christelle is flabbergasting

Crêpes are so lovely! Yours are wonderfully lacy. Cheers, Rosa Rosa

Your crepes look so beautiful! I can never get mine so thin! Kaitlin

Oh wow!! Ur crepes are perfectly and absolutely elegantly turned! Summer

Thanks everyone for joining the party ! Alessandra, Shaz, Heather your preferences will have to be tried very soon ! Soma, thank you ! Christelle, le lemon curd, oui, une bonne raison pour en faire pour ma part ! Rosa, thanks! Kaitlin, thank you ! Getting the batter enough runny -but not too much- and the right amount in the ladle will ensure you to get thin crepes ;) Summer, thank you ! Vanille

one of the reasons I enjoy your photos so much is that they’re such a wonderful way to enjoy wonderful food without gaining the calories. . . . !!! Ed Brodzinsky

I grew up having pancakes with lemon and sugar as a treat, lovingly made by my mum…then i married and american and his version were ofcourse the thick type! Whilst he makes fantastic american style pancakes every weekend for the kids, I’m thinking a lighter version might make a come back If I can twist his arm! they look divine. make my day

Tes photos sont magnifiques ! Et moi aussi j’adore les crêpes, surtout avec des bords croustillants comme ça ! Maybe

Ed, you make me laugh ! I’m sure you don’t have problem with weight anyway (I’ve never seen a big architect) Leemei, yes they are a simple but delicious fare. Maybe, merci ! Kari, you then have the chance to know the best of each type ;) Vanille

haha.. indeed! similar minds!! mind-sisters :DD…. Love crepes! And I simply love the photo of the crepe and fruit salad held in hand… [email protected]

He descubierto tu blog hace un instante y me siento como en casa. No se francés y mi ingles es malisimo, asi que espero que entiendas lo que te escribo 8te lo traducco con el traslate) Me han encantado tus recetas, frescura y fotografias, desde hoy tienes una nueva asidua a tus post. Un beso desde España “I discovered your blog just now and I feel at home. Not is French and my English is malisimo, so I hope to understand what you write 8te thing with the traslate traducco) I have loved your recipes, freshness and photographs, from today you have a new assiduous to your post. A kiss from Spain” Ana

My favourite way to have crepes is with a drizzle of lemon and a sprinkling of sugar - a taste of my childhood. I’ve never had buckwheat crepes though, but I know I definitely have to try - these look absolutely heavenly. Positively gorgeous photos as always, Vanille. Sue :-) Couscous & Consciousness