India Illuminated

October 21, 2010

Tonight, in Cuba Street, starts India Illuminated, a photographic exhibition by Meena Kadri. This event is part of the Diwali, festival of lights, that starts this Sunday.

I’ll go and enjoy her striking and colourful photos, before heading out of town for the Labour week-end.

For those of you who don’t have a chance to be around Wellington for the next coming days, you may have a look online at her 99 exhibited photos.

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Ce soir, dans la rue Cuba, démarre India Illuminated, une exposition photographique de Meena Kadri. Cet évenement fait partie du Diwali, festival des lumières, qui débute ce dimanche.

Je vais voir ces photos aux couleurs vives, avant de partir pour le long week-end de la fête du travail.

Pour ceux qui n’ont pas la chance d’être à Wellington les prochains jours, vous pouvez regarder en ligne les 99 photos exposées.


Must be amazing! Enjoy! Alessandra

Going to send this to my brother who just moved to Welly ^_^ Sasa

Have fun at the exhibition and the trip! :)) [email protected]

Alessandra, I’m going tonight ! Sasa, tell your brother he should hurry up, pictures will be projected every night until Sunday ! Asha, sure I will ;) Vanille

Surely very interesting! Cheers, Rosa Rosa

Meena, it was cool to see pictures projected in big and I had some good time ! Keep up the good work ! Vanille

Hey Vanille – thanks for promoting my show. And I love that you chose this image for your blog. This woman was fabulous. She hand-embroidered the top she is wearing – exquisite! Meena Kadri