September 06, 2010

Sinemage Spring purple flowers</p>

To start light and fresh. A new week A new season

And my thought with all the Cantabrians.

--- ## Comments > *très très belle photo !!* > **[argone](http://atasteofmylife.wordpress.com)** > *How I long for flowers and colours like this now that we are on our way into Autumn. Having said that, the reds and oranges of the season are still beautiful in their own way.* > **[Alice](http://www.alice-ciaoamoreciao.blogspot.com)** > *A sweet spring to you too Vanille. And my thought are with those who suffered in the earthquake.* > **[shaz](http://www.testwithskewer.blogspot.com)** > *Gorgeous, that colour is beautiful.* > **[Karin van D.](http://www.themrs.eu)** > *So pretty! I love spring. Cheers, Rosa* > **[Rosa](http://www.rosas-yummy-yums.blogspot.com)** > *Lovely colours and such a nice shot. This image really captures the feeling of spring.* > **[Razzbuffnik](http://blog.allthedumbthings.com)**