Sinemage Macatia bun

After the school, we would stop at the bakery on the way home. We would buy fresh macatias and would devour them right away.

This bun is a speciality from my home island and can be found along croissant and pain au chocolat in every bakery.

It’s described as a loaf half way between a bread and a brioche -not so rich though. Macatia has a distinctive sour and slightly sweet taste with a thin crust and a soft crumb.

You may think it’s just a bread, but it really is special to me as it was part of my childhood and I’m happy to share it with you.

Sinemage Macatias buns

Baked early in the morning, the macatias were still warm later on for the breakfast with butter melting on the crumb…
Paprika brought a couple of them for the day and I indulged in another one in the afternoon with a warm cup of tea.

I’ve made plain ones, but they are commonly made with chocolate chips too.

Sinemage Macatia on rack

I’m always looking for new way to use the levain, so I was delighted when Thierry shared the recipe on Votre Pain, the site dedicated to bread and created by Florence.
The process may seem a little bit long (2 days) but the result is perfectly authentic – I’ve only reduced the amount of sugar.

Update: Recipe has been translated in English, see the comments section.