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May 07, 2010

Sinemage Stuffed Persimmon

While I was selecting persimmons at the Farmers market last Sunday, a girl, obviously not familiar with those fruits, asked me how she should choose them. Firm, with a smooth skin and a deep orange colour, I replied spontaneously.

It makes me smile when I think about it, because I didn’t know myself how to choose them two years ago. Persimmons are fruits I got acquainted with here, in New Zealand.

Sinemage Persimmons

I like everything about this fruit: The funny ruff, the bright colour, the sweet flesh… And I read persimmons are full with vitamins and that’s exactly what I need these last days to kick off the chilly season !

On the other hand, Paprika doesn’t like them really. Unless I do a trick: I bake them.

Based on a baked apples recipe, I filled persimmons with nuts and spices: pistachio, honey, cardamom and vanilla. The result is honest. The kind of warm and comforting dessert you are happy to have at night, at this time of the year…

Sinemage Stuffed Persimmon 2

Baked Persimmons (for 4) 4 firm persimmons (non-astringent) 40-50g nuts (pistachio, almond or what you fancy) 3tsp honey (liquid) 1/3 tsp finely ground cardamom seeds 1 vanilla pod seeded Lemon juice

Preheat oven at 205°C. In a bowl mix, nuts, spice, honey and lemon juice. Slice the top of persimmon and with a knife and spoon remove a little bit more than the core. Fill each fruit with the nut mixture and place back the top of the fruit. Place persimmons on a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake for 30 minutes or until soft. Remove from oven and let them cool a little before serving.</em>

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Alors que je choisissais des kakis au marché dimanche dernier, une fille, de tout évidence pas famillière avec ces fruits, me demande comment les choisir. Ferme, avec une peau lisse et orange bien foncé, j’ai répondu spontanément.

Cela me fait sourire quand j’y pense, parce que je ne savais pas moi-même comment les choisir il y a deux ans de cela. Le kaki est un fruit que j’ai découvert ici, en Nouvelle Zélande.

J’aime tout dans ce fruit: la petite collerette, la couleur vive, et la chair toute douce… Et j’ai lu que les kakis sont pleins de vitamines et c’est exactement ce dont j’ai besoin pour démarrer la saison froide !

A l’opposé, Paprika n’aime pas vraiment le kaki. A moins que je ne trouve une astuce: que je les cuise.

Je suis partie cette fois d’une recette de pommes cuites au four. Je rempli les kakis de noix et d’épices: pistache, miel, cardamome et vanille. Le résultat est honnête. Le genre de dessert chaud et réconfortant à apprécier le soir, en cette période de l’année…

Kakis Farçis (pour 4 personnes) 4 kakis fermes (non-astringents) 40-50g noix (pistache, amande ou ce que vous aimez) 3 c.à.c miel liquide 1/3 c.à.c de graines de cardamome finement moulues 1 gousse de vanille grattée Jus de citron.

Préchauffer le four à 205°C. Dans un bol mélanger, les noix, les épices, le miel et le jus de citron. Couper le haut du kaki et à l’aide d’un couteau et d’une petite cuillère retirer un peu plus que le centre du fruit. Remplir chaque fruit avec un peu de préparation aux noixet replacer le haut du fruit. Placer les kakis sur une plaque de cuisson recouverte de papier sulfurisé et cuire pendant 30 minutes ou jusquà ce que les fruits soient tendres. Retirer du four et laisser un peu refroidir avant de servir.</em>


I never heard of persimmons before. I tried to translate the term with google translate, to see if we have a (more familiar to me) Dutch name for them, but had no luck. They look a bit like tomatoes. Are they similar? Karin

They look so adorable when baked and topped with their little ruff hat! What a great idea Vanille, I love persimmons and we eat a lot of them raw, but I often wonder what to cook with them because they are quite delicate. A baked persimmon sounds perfect. shaz

I love Persimmons! Only tried fresh but not baked! What a fantastic idea! mycookinghut

Karin, I hope this link will help you. Vanille

Beautiful photos! I love persimmons - over the past couple of weeks, I think I was averaging at least 2 persimmons a day! :P Y

Yum! very original recipe! Alessandra

These look fantastic. They remind of the persimmons my mom grows in her backyard. Nhiro

I was already to chastise you for out of season produce. Than I realized you’re on the flip side. It’s fall for you. Enjoy those persimmons. I’ll have to wait 6 more months before I can try your recipe. Foy Update - Cook. Garden. Write. Repeat.

If you love this fruit, you should try different style as well. 1. Find a fully ripe persimmon, which is very very tender and soft. 2. Freeze the soft persimmon. 3. Spoon it up and you are ready to eat :drool: That’s how Koreans and Japanese enjoy persimmons up there. oh, and “Y”, you shouldn’t eat persimmons too many in a day, it will give you constipation :( Joy P

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog. GREAT photos!! It’s so nice that you are baking persimmons. I have been eating them for the past 2 weeks or so. Cheap persimmons from wellington farmers market. Delish! Sweet Greetings! Pierre

ice cream, Vanille, turn them into ice-cream (baking them first, I think)… Sylvie in Rappahannock