First Sign

March 18, 2010

red fall leaves

It maybe was St Patrick yesterday, but here, green is slowly fading away… And there’s already the very first sign of changing season…


Beautiful photo! I’m so happy spring is on it’s way here, been cold too long. Nic

We still have snow up to the knees, and already the fall is kicking in down under, so quick! Nice play on colours. Elisa

Les mimosas en fleurs, des températures printanières… Les signes sont là. Après un hiver difficile, on l’a bien mérité… Mais j’avoue aimer aussi les couleurs de l’automne. Dominique (De vous à moi…)

*while here in the States we’re heading into Spring [which I must admit is wonderful], I’m still jealous of your entrance into Autumn – the most lovely season! cheers, *heather** heather

I know… here I am waiting to see the flowers bloom! mycookinghut

That’s a breathtaking picture indeed. It’s still fascinating to me to witness the difference in our seasons. We have been cheering because we saw the first flowerbuds in our garden yesterday, while you are taking pictures of leaves turning red. Karin

Here, the contrary is happening! A lovely shot! Cheers, Rosa Rosa

Looks like Autumn finally got there. One of my two favorite seasons. no doubt the first one is spring ;) Eglė

Still no many signs of spring here…maybe next week :-) Alessandra