July 18, 2009


I was walking back home when I saw this pink flower on the ground. My neighbours must think I’m a weird girl, collecting leaves, apples and now flower in the street… But never mind… I brought it home just for the pleasure of having a little touch of colour for a couple of hours until it withers away. And of course I did not resist to take some pictures of it…

Have a nice week-end / Bon week-end !



ah so pretty, it’s pink camellias that make Spring feel not quite so far away! Lovely bron

If the flower had feelings, it would be so happy someone noticed it’s beauty and picked it up :) Happy Weekend! Maki

Those pictures are so beautiful and the flowers are really pretty! I would not think that of you… Cheers, Rosa Rosa

So lovely! I love doing the same, and I get lots wierd stares from people. But still, I so enjoy finding random pretty stuff and taking photos of them and keeping them if possible. May

aaahhhh… gorgeous, peaceful, graceful camelias… I am grateful that you took the time to really look at those blossoms and photograph them - in what’s supposed to be the dead of winter for you, isn’t it? Spring’s in sight… the day are lengthening for you (and shortening for me…) Sylvie, Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener