Ducks n' Roses

December 09, 2008

Not that much to say…

Just thank you to my neighbour, skilled gardener, for this visual pleasure I have daily from the deck…

Compo Roses

And here are the ducklings ! They came towards me hoping I’ll give them food and as I bent to take a picture of them, they just sat on the grass and showed me their best profile… Aren’t they cute ?



Those roses are gorgeous! I’d love to wake up to a sight like that too. The ducklings are undeniably cute as well :) Y

Superbes fleurs, et ces canetons sont trop mignons, on les croquerait! :) Botacook

oooooh duckies sooo cute!! SteamyKitchen

Such beautiful flowers. barbara

Jolie fleurs!! mycookinghut

Cute, cute, cute! Nicisme

I am sure that your neighbour loved this thank you card :) Cynthia

Thank you all girls for your comments ! The ducks are now as big as their mother… Roses keep blooming and I keep an eye on hydrangeas just next as I like these flowers too. Vanille

Those roses are stunning. They remind me of the ones I’ve lusted after in the Sonoma Valley of California, where vineyard friendly climes make roses feel right at home. Head up north to Seattle, Wa and we have to work a little harder to coax such a flourish of rosy splendor. tom | tall clover farm