Spring And Tulips Of Another Kind

October 02, 2011

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Tulipe Biscuit and Fruit Salad

It's been a while...

Spring is now in full swing. Asparagus have made their way to the market. And there are couple of new things going on here lately (No, I'm not speaking about the rugby world cup..) Rather decisions made, impacting life. And adjustment required therefore.

I've also worked on exciting projects recently and can't wait to share them with you. Soon.

On the other side, my little kitchen didn't see any baked goods, except bread, for weeks. Not a big deal, but rather unusual for the big tooth of mine.

© 2011 Viviane Perenyi Grapefruit Fennel Quinoa Salad

And the weather has been so balmy lately that all I craved for was salad -at least for lunch. Any kind, sweet and savory.

I was eating a fruit mix when I thought about the tulipe. This crisp biscuit shaped as an edible cup to serve usually ice-cream.

Rather old fashion, but it brings back good memories from my childhood. Specially holidays spent at my aunt's house, next to the beach. My aunt who liked to entertain and always prepared excellent frozen desserts, stylishly presented.

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Tulipe Biscuit and Fruit Salad

Much more humble, my version with a fresh fruit salad. But as usual, when you're done with the biscuit, you can garnish it with what ever you fancy. Just remember that the biscuit is not waterproof and therefore better dress up the cups just before serving to avoid a soggy biscuit on the bottom.

Tulipe Biscuit (makes about 6) Do check the original recipe here for a step by step. 65 gr (more than 1/2 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature 65 gr (1/2cup) icing sugar, sifted 2 egg whites 55 gr (1/2cup) flour, sifted Vanilla powder (optional)

In a bowl cream the butter, then add the sugar and mix well until the mix get paler. Add egg whites and stir. Drop all the flour at once and stir to combine and get an homogenous paste. Add vanilla powder at this stage and stir. Preheat oven to 200°C (392°F) and on your work surface near the oven prepare a couple of glasses upside-down. On a silicone mat or a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, scoop a table spoon of the paste and spread it with the back of the spoon to make a 12-15cm (5-6 inch) diameter disc. Better to make a couple at a time and spread the cooking session on several batches. Bake for 6-7 minutes. Remove from oven and with a spatula delicately remove the biscuit, still soft, and top it on the glass. Press delicately the edges down, towards the glass and let it cool and firm up completely. You need to do this rather quickly until the biscuit is still soft and pliable, hence the idea of baking them by batch of two or three.

These Tulipes are also my entry to Sweet NZ:

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Cela fait un moment...

Le printemps bat son plein à présent. Les asperges ont fait leur apparition sur les étals du marché. Et il y a un certain nombre de nouvelles choses qui se passent ici dernièrement (Non, je ne parle pas de la coupe du monde de rugby...) Plutôt des décisions prises, qui affectent le cours de la vie. Et par conséquent, demandent quelques ajustements.

J'ai également travaillé sur d'intéressants projets récemment et j'ai hâte de les partager avec vous. Bientôt.

D'un autre côté, dans ma petite cuisine, pas de petites douceurs cuites au four, mis à part le pain, ces dernières semaines. Ce n'est pas bien grave, mais plutôt inhabituel pour le bec sucré que je suis.

Et le temps récemment a été si plaisant que je n'avais envie que de salade -du moins pour le déjeuner. De toute sorte, sucrée ou salée.

Je dégustais un mélange de fruits lorsque j'ai pensé aux tulipes. Ce biscuit croquant moulé pour former un réceptacle qui se mange et dans lequel on sert habituellement de la glace.

Plutôt rétro, mais cela me rappelle de bons souvenirs d'enfance. Spécialement les vacances passées dans la maison de ma tante près de la plage. Ma tante qui aimait recevoir et qui préparait toujours d'excellent desserts glacés, élégamment présentés.

Beaucoup plus humble, ma version avec une salade de fruits. Comme d'habitude, lorsque vous avez fait le biscuit, vous pouvez le garnir de ce que vous souhaitez. Il faut juste se rapeller que la tulipe n'est pas étanche et par conséquent il est préférable de la garnir juste avant de servir pour éviter d'avoir un biscuit trempé au fond.

Pour la recette des tulipes je vous renvoie à la source originale ici avec un pas à pas illustré.


Adorable. So sweet. So spring. I’m going to show these to my daughter. She has her literature club meeting at our house next week. These would be so sweet to serve for the dessert. I just love the clarity in your photos. Always lovely. Snippets of Thyme

Beautiful. I like the idea of filling these with ice cream, but your fruit salad looks so refreshing and elegant all at once :) Happy spring! milliemirepoix

Lovely tulip biscuit, yes, very stylish too! Ciao Alessandra Alessandra

Very cheerful and bright! Look forward to your exciting news! Alli

Absolument ravissant. J’espère que les décisions prises le furent toutes avec évidence et toutes pour le meilleur de la vie. A big hug from my other side of the world ! (where our maple tree leaves are beautifully changing colors, blushing a little bit more every night) flomakanai

Gorgeous as always! Looks lovely and light and fresh, perfect for the season. timeforalittlesomething

Happy spring Vanille! Looking forward to hearing about your new projects. The biscuits are such a lovely idea, would make a very impressive finish to a dinner party :) shaz

Zo Zhou, thank you ! Mel, bonjour et merci ;) Happy Spring to you too ! Rosa, thanks ! Sarah [Snippet of Thyme], glad to know you’re going to give it a go. Alessandra, thank you. Millie, I’m all with you for the ice cream -maybe when the sun and warm will be back… Alli, thank you ! Flo [Makanai], merci tout plein. L’avenir nous dira si les décisions prises ont été les bonnes… Aurons nous l’occasion de voir le flamboiement de ton bel érable en photo ? Timeforalittlesomething, thank you ! Shaz, happy Spring to you too ! Hope you’ll give it a try with your little MC ;) Kathryn, thank you ! True why not fruits and ice-cream after all. Vanille

Looks beautiful! I love old fashioned treats like this one. I might have to make this with fruit AND a scoopful of icecream :) Kathryn | Dramatic Pancake

Tulips are one of my favourite flowers, your beautiful edible ones make me smilie and feel all sunny inside too! bron

gorgeous! I just went to the Tulip festival in the Dandenongs and hours drive out of Melbourne. I’ve never seen so many in one place and in all their coloured glory! So pretty. Of course, I’d much prefer to fill one of your tulips with something delicious. After all there is sight satisfaction and belly satisfaction. They cannot compete! Jas (the gluten free scallywag)

Sigh, these look so dreamy! Very appropriate for spring :) Zo Zhou

Bonjour Vanille, happy Spring! This is so pretty - I have not seen anything like it. Mel

A lovely dessert! Fresh and refined. Cheers, Rosa Rosa May (@RosasYummyYums)

That is one pretty looking biscuit! I think the technique is almost like how we make fortune cookies. I must say it is a very creative idea ! kankana

O this is so beautiful and delicate Vanille. Lucky you heading over to Spring! :) Soma

I love tulips. Great dessert idea. I have not heard of it before. Barbara

Vanille - these look absolutely gorgeous. I’d love you to share them at this month’s Sweet New Zealand. The link-up is now open here http://bit.ly/nScpZE Sue xo Couscous & Consciousness

Bron, ;) Jas, agree, we also have the Spring festival going on here in the Botanical gardens and it’s a pure joy to see those colourful patches of tulips. Kankana, thank you. Interesting, I’ve never seen the making of fortune cookie and should check it out. Soma, thank you. Yes, Spring finally… Barbara, yes, it makes a simple yet entertaining way to present a dessert. Sue [Couscous & Consciousness] thank you. I promise, I’ll send it. Sylvie [Gourmande in the Kitchen], sometimes it’s good to revisit good old favourites, isn’t it ? Vanille

Absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t made tuiles in such a long time and they are one of my favorite things. I shall have to remedy that now and try yours. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Beautiful photos and recipe. So happy to have found your blog! Christina @ The Hungry Australian

The perfect way to serve fruit and desserts. Tuiles are simply sensational and add a touch of elegance to all desserts. We bake them often. Envious of Spring especially as I hear the wind howling outside right now … Meeta

gorgeous! must make notes for when Spring is back here… the yummyblogsisters

So pretty! I suspect I’d be a little too clumsy for these delicate biscuits…but I also like a challenge. Looking forward to you revealing your exciting projects…. :) hungryandfrozen

Thanks for sharing at Sweet New Zealand - these are so beautiful :-) Sue xo Couscous & Consciousness

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Just reading Sue’s Sweet NZ round up….these are beautiful, perfect & light for Summer :) Mairi Herbert (@ToastNZ)