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March 24, 2010

French Toast with grapes

When I haven't any blue I use red


The oven broke down last night while I was making some bread… So, no more baking. I have to forget bread, cake, gratin for now…. I just hope everything will be back to normal very soon.

Therefore, nothing fresh from the oven today, rather bread leftover turned into a warm pain perdu or French toast if you prefer.


When I was a child I was keen on a bread pudding my mother was used to make with stale bread, raisin and rum… Oh, I ate so much of this !

It must be Fall that makes me feel so nostalgic…

French toast and grapes

French Toast /Pain Perdu

125ml milk 1 egg 1 tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp of rum 5 slices of stale bread Butter for frying Fresh fruits (grapes halved) Handful of flaked almonds Icing sugar

In a shallow bowl mix together egg, milk, sugar and rum. Soak bread slices in the batter until soft and spongy. Over a medium heat in a fry pan toast gently almond slices and then keep aside. Melt butter in the fry pan and cook slices of soaked bread on each side until golden. Top with grapes, toasted almond and icing sugar and serve warm.</em>

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Quand je n’ai pas de bleu, je mets du rouge</p>


Le four est tombé en panne hier soir alors que je faisais du pain… Donc plus de pain, gâteau, ni gratin pour le moment… J’espère seulement que tout rentrera dans l’ordre rapidement.

Par conséquent, aujourd’hui rien qui ne sorte tout chaud du four, plutôt un reste de pain transformé en pain perdu.

Quand j’étais petite, j’adorais le pudding de pain perdu que faisait ma maman avec le pain rassis, des raisins secs et un peu de rhum…. Oh, comme j’en ai mangé de ce pudding !

Ca doit être l’automne qui me rend si nostalgique…

Pain Perdu aux Raisins et Amandes Grillées

125ml lait 1 oeuf 1 c.à.s de sucre en poudre 1/2 c.à.c de rhum 5 tranches de pain rassis Beurre pour toaster le pain Fruits frais (raisin coupé en deux) Poignée d’amandes éffilées Sucre glace

Dans un plat creux mélanger l’oeuf, le lait, le sucre et le rhum. Y tremper les tranches de pain jusqu’à ce qu’elles aient ramollies. Dans une poêle faire dorer les amandes éffilées, puis réserver. Faire fondre un peu de beurre dans la poêle et y faire cuire les tranches de pain sur chaque face jusqu’à ce qu’elles soient dorées. Placer les raisins et les amandes grillées sur chaque tranche, saupoudrer de sucre glace et servir chaud.</em>


Ouch, hope your oven will get fixed soon. I never noticed the teeny-weeny smiley at the bottom of the page, was it there before? So cute! Elisa

Ooh I love the addition of rum to this recipe - will have to try it! I love a very similar bread pudding to the one you described from your childhood - but with whiskey instead of rum. Mmm :) Millie @ Gusty Gourmet

Oh No Vanille! That’s bad news, hope it will be fixed soon. I’ve always wondered what the French called French toast :) The grapes look so beautiful on this. shaz

wow, what a pleasant surprise! you have such a beautiful blog, so very inspiring. thanks also for stopping by. rick @ alamode

Elisa, I hope it’ll be fixed soon too. Days are getting cooler and I already miss the convenience of the oven. Rosa, thank you ! Shaz, the wikipedia article about French toast told me how to call it in so many languages ! ;) Millie, isn’t bread pudding the best comforting food ?! Rick, thank you ! Vanille

Come sempre senza parole per le belle foto (Easy Italian to understand???) :-) A. Alessandra

I just love your photography and colour sense. Beautiful! razzbuffnik

Pain perdu is such a delightful treat and yours looks fantastic! Cheers, Rosa Rosa