Sweet As Gold

August 05, 2009


Sweet moment, enjoying the sun comfortably sit down in an armchair, strategically placed next to the window and writing this post… Sweet moment, chatting until late in the night with a friend not seen for a very long time… Sweet moment, hearing a good friend is expecting a little boy for the beginning of next year !


As sweet as these moments, this fresh looking dessert is inspired from the French cake called Fraisier -strawberry cream cake.

An exotic version with génoise, syrup, crème chantilly and kiwifruits -in season down here- and that can be made with green kiwis althought kiwi gold are sweeter.


Hope you are having sweet moments too !

Kiwi Gold Cakes Printable Recipe


Agréable moment, en profitant du soleil confortablement assise dans un fauteuil, placé judicieusement devant la fenêtre tout en écrivant ce billet…

Agréable moment, en bavardant jusqu’à tard dans la nuit avec une copine que je n’ai pas revu depuis un long moment…

Agréable moment, en apprenant qu’une amie attend un heureux évènement pour le début de l’année prochaine !

Tout aussi agréables -au palais-, ces petits gâteaux s’inspirent du fraisier. Une version exotique avec de la génoise, du sirop, de la crème chantilly et des kiwis - de saison ici- et qui peut être faite avec des kiwis verts bien que le kiwi gold soit plus sucré.

J’espère que vous aussi, vous vivez de bons moments !

Recette Imprimable entremets au kiwi


Eglé, thank you for your sweet words ! I wish we could share all these fruits together… MyCookingHut and Rosa thank you girls ! Heather, in fact after you are done with the génoise it’s not that difficult to assemble. But like usually it’s quicker to eat ! ;) Vanille

How gorgeous is that? Small delicious pieces of art. Looks great. I bet that it tastes even more delicous than it looks. And you’re so lucky to have all thes exotic fruits near you. I’ve never tasted kiwi gold fruit in my life. Eglė

Looks great! I like it! Never had kiwi gold before! A must try for me! mycookinghut

Such a pretty dessert item! Those little cakes look delicious… Cheers, Rosa Rosa

*Sweet indeed! Look painstaking to make, but you’re a pro and they are lovely. Cheers, *Heather** heather

Super jolis ces petits entremets au kiwi! Tes photos sont toujours aussi belles. J’espère que tout va bien pour toi! Botacook

Elles sont magnifiques ces gourmandises! J’en prendrais bien une petite bouchée! isa

Those are perfectly beautiful! Such exquisite colours. shaz

This look amazing. Can you tell where I can find recipe. meg

Breathtaking!! Ria

Very pretty! I love that first photo, great use of dof. Feel like picking up that spoon. Elisa

These are amazing. Are there any specific tips or techniques for such perfect assembly? Help us amateurs out! Jack

Complimenti per la ricetta, questo piccolo dolce è una vera delizia. Ciao Daniela daniela

Botacook, merci. Nous allons enfin vers les beaux jours et rien que ça, fait tout une différence pour moi ! Isa, merci ! Shaz, thank you. The half slice of kiwi gold looks like a sunrise/sunset, don’t you think so ? Meg, thank you. I did not write down any notes when I did these cakes. I used this génoise recipe but I roughly prepared the chantilly and syrup. I will try to update the post later with the recipe. Ria thank you ! Elisa, thank you ! Honestly, I was not so happy with the pics…You cheer me up ! Jack, thank you. I’m a total amateur ! You will need for sure to have pastry rings and be careful to make these cakes. I’ll try to post the recipe soon. Daniela, grazie. I guess you would like the recipe too. I’ll try to update this post soon. Vanille

Moi aussi, je seconde toutes les requetes de recettes…. Sylvie, Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener

The cake is so beautiful! I really love gold kiwi! Anh

So beautiful! peabody

La premiere photo est a tombe! Superbe! Comme les gateaux! J’adore les kiwi gold..ca ce mange trop facilement :) Tartelette

Oh wow, that looks soooo delicious. Definitely going to have to put this on my list of things to try. Kiara

That is beautiful! I’ve never had a gold kiwi, ours are all green - will look out for them now! Nicisme

Thank you everyone for your sweet words ! Vanille

They look sooo delicious! I’m going to try and my some myself. razzbuffnik

Thanks! I need to go find myself some pastry rings and experiment :) Jack

That is very lovely, indeed! I’ve never seen kiwi with such a brilliant color yet! I have a couples of pastry rings (3”x3”) but to tell you the truth I could never get the individual cakes to look so clean, crisp and smooth like yours! Well, I’m a beginner with baking and such so I guess I’ll have lots to learn/ practice?! What size were your little cakes? Did you fill up the cream chantilly all the way to the top of your rings? Thanks for sharing and for posting! Adelina

Adelina, thank you. As I mentioned in the recipe the cakes are 5.5cm diameter and 4cm height. The chantilly is filled until the top. I’m sure you will do better next time. Just take time and take great care and I’m sure everything will be fine ! Vanille

your photos are beautiful and brilliant. such exceptional talent!! i will visit just for the beauty here. yael miller

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